How does Brian sell 70 houses per year in a small market?

Brian sells 70 houses per year in a small market, watch the video to find out what he does that could help you get to the next level. Brian Casey Brown is one of those people who has consistently produced at a high level in a small market. Here is an no holds barred conversation where he shares how to do it.

Not a classically trained salesperson

Although he wasn’t a trained salesperson when he started, he learned that he liked the trade and focused on the key metrics of success. He used his mindset and work ethic to realize his goal of a successful career in real estate.

Although 70 houses per year may sound a little daunting to the average agent, you will find out that Brian is a regular guy. He has applied his willingness to learn and consistency to make it happen.

Be honest with yourself

Examine why you are in the business, Brian encourages honesty within yourself to be able to be transparent with your objective as well as humility within yourself.

Why did he choose eXp Realty?

Because of the advanced connectivity, eXp stood out to Brian as the only option for expanding his business. He feels that he is maximizing his potential as a real estate agent.

  • 0:00 intro
  • 0:40 reason for choosing eXp Realty
  • 1:50 eXp seemed like the only way to go
  • 2:20 will sell 70 units in a very small area
  • 3:00 lead generation
  • 5:55 secret sauce / success tips
  • 7:35 number one priority
  • 14:40 work prior to real estate business
  • 18:20 describe biggest mistake that people can learn from
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