Best Mortgage Lead Generation Websites

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Best Mortgage Lead Generation Websites

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If you are a mortgage professional, lead generation is vital to your business. Identifying the best mortgage lead generation companies will help you scale your business and create consistent sales and revenue. Buying leads or connecting with a lead generation website can provide you with a consistent business that allows you to create a real business. We will explore the methods that you can use and the top mortgage lead generation companies:

Real Estate Technology Platforms

Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and are some of the top platforms for real estate and mortgage leads. People search this platform regularly for listings and related services such as mortgages. You will need to contact a sales representative to discuss your budget and the available area for you to participate. Top mortgage lead generation companies charge for their leads. You will need to analyze if the cost provides enough benefit for your business.

Self Generated Leads

The best mortgage lead sources are ones that you create yourself. Partnering with Realtors for purchases or real estate trade organizations can elevate your status as the “go-to” person. Creating your leads will reduce the need to purchase information and reduce competition. You can write trade articles and personally appear in your local market to speak about mortgages. 

Facebook Leads

Facebook can be one of the better mortgage lead-generation websites. Many people use this platform for their social media uses. It would help if you learned how to place effective ads that conform to your budget. 

Best Mortgage Lead Generation Websites

Google Ads

Similar to Facebook. Placing ads on Google can be an effective way to scale your business and provide consistent leads. Learning how to set effective ads can be learned and optimized. Mortgage lead generation companies are engaged in these same practices. If you understand the skills, you can be more in control and pay less for your leads. 

Once you understand how to get leads, you will need to organize them and communicate your information to achieve your ultimate goal of completing a sale. The best mortgage lead generation companies are the ones that you create and execute. 

In sales, you are in the business of creating relationships. To develop relationships, you must communicate authentically and show that you have a command of your product, service, and industry. You must also understand the sales process. Only some people are interested in purchasing today. You will need to nurture your leads and sphere of influence. People often do business with the last person that they meet. It is your job to be that last person. Even the best mortgage lead sources will not be effective if you can’t create a relationship with a potential customer. 

Nurture Communications with your customers and clients

Further, lead management software can automate some of your nurture communication. Nurturing comes in emails, text messages, and reminders to call or perform tasks. Keeping a log of these communications is essential. Your software should allow you to access your leads and communication history instantly. Newsletters and holiday greetings are great reasons to contact your customers. Your CRM should be able to design and send these communications. 

Marketing Hub

Creating an efficient hub for your marketing is necessary if you wish to scale your business. If you place internet or print advertising, your inbound communication from prospects needs to come immediately into your CRM. You should do this with any signs that you place or open house sign-ups. You can design a communication plan around the different marketing plans. Spending money on your marketing and business is crucial if you want consistency in your income.

Which one should I choose?

The one that most affordably meets the needs and functions I have described above. Your need dependable support. Companies are competing for your money. Automated Intelligence will soon be part of your CRM software. Let’s assume that you want the best value for the money you spend. 

Best Mortgage Lead Generation Websites


Hubspot is not a CRM designed for mortgage professionals. FREE may be the place for you to start. Hubspot is an expandable platform that integrates with other software using Zapier. If you decide to expand, Hubspot offers different levels for purchase. The free version might provide everything that you need. Hubspot’s website states that the following benefits are at the FREE level: 

  • Live chat
  • Conversational bots
  • Team email
  • Email scheduling, Email tracking & notifications, custom user permissions, Email templates
  • Prospects, Contact management, List segmentation. Now you’re freed up to focus on what matters: your customers.

While you may need to customize various parts of your CRM, Hubspot can integrate with your marketing, perform automated tasks and keep your task lists organized. 


Pipedrive is not exclusively for mortgage professionals yet has an affordable entry into this popular platform. Pricing is from $15 to $50, and it can expand and integrate document signing capabilities and integrate with other programs to be a complete solution for your business.

Pipedrive is a robust and expandable platform that offers technical support and the ability to integrate with other software. 


Salesforce may be the most prominent platform by its volume of customers. They have technical support and a vast customer base that shares best practices. The $25 per month level offers account, contact, lead, opportunity management, Gmail or Outlook integration, and the salesforce mobile app. Their fees scale from $45, $75, $150, and $300. The benefits increase with each level to include advanced workflows and automation. 

Shape CRM

Shape CRM is a professional mortgage-focused platform that offers the following benefits: single-tier pricing, $99 per month, and a setup fee. 

Mortgage-specific platform

Integrates with popular LOS software

Upload, e-sign, and store documents

The shape also states that it:

Provides AI-based lead scoring, 

Document management

Integration with top LOS (loan origination systems) designed to manage loan origination, fulfillment, pricing and eligibility, and document management programs.

Best Mortgage Lead Generation Websites


LionsDesk claims to be “The #1 CRM for loan professionals”. Their website states that the benefits include:

Most feature-rich CRM on the market for the cost

Ability to integrate with 100s of your favorite business tools

Texting! Video! Artificial Intelligence Lead Qualifying!


Plans start at under $99/month

LionsDesk starts at $21 per month for the starter level; the elite group is $83 per month.

Whiteboard CRM

Whiteboard CRM is another mortgage professional-specific platform. Their fee is $150 per month per person for 1-9 users. Their benefits include:

Whiteboard is one of the world’s best mortgage CRMs. Why? Because it was built specifically for mortgage professionals by mortgage industry leaders. 

Whiteboard is a results-focused platform using proven methods that position your clients and partners – the lifeblood of your business – at the center of your day-to-day.

Using a CRM (customer relationship management system) aims to create a better customer experience and generate more sales. 

A CRM system will serve you in the following ways:

  • More sales
  • Create a strategy around customer retention
  • Create more sales
  • Create forecasting models and consistent income

Use the KISS method (Keep It Simple Salesperson) with your CRM and choose the option you will use. Schedule continuing education to utilize the more advanced features of your platform when they suit your needs. 

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