Proposal for real estate agent careers – eXp Realty

This is the best way I can think of to illustrate the agent proposition with eXp Realty. It is with the founders story and reasoning. Hope it helps.

0:00 Start

1:46 Glenn was an agent running several teams at KW in 2007

2:34 Cap & Split

2:45 Glenn’s innovation was to offer equity ownership

3:03 Didn’t buy franchise because of the strings attached

3:10 He created ownership/shareholder system with the new company

3:33 Gene Frederick addition – sold interest in Northern California region

4:28 High speed connectivity was industry changing in 2008-09

5:18 Workplace accolades as well as top CEO honors

6:05 Virbela acquisition

7:06 Unique place in real estate brokerage

8:10 Challenges for franchises

9:47 Project to be open in 30-40 countries within 10 years

10:25 Top national agents now with eXp who were former naysayers

11:31 Sustainable revenue share

12:32 eXp has been cash flow positive almost from the beginning

13:40 Mega agent recognition

15:20 Success Magazine and brand acquistion

16:42 Join the Wolf Pack: Meeting link 

Independent brokers. Better than a franchise. Leverage your time and talents.

Independent brokers. Leverage your time/talents to create real value. This 3 part video is specifically geared to the independent broker.

 Possibly you are an agent that isn’t finding value with their current broker and want to dropkick the split and do it yourself or an existing broker proprietor that feels a true calling to mentor & lead their agents to a wonderful career in the real estate sales industry or someone that is keeping is simple with their small group of trusted agents. There are many opportunities in the marketplace to continue the current business model. By current business model, I mean where you are the broker of record, nest the licenses of your sponsored agents under your broker license and get an override (or split) from the production of the said sponsored agents.

 You are obviously a true entrepreneur who isn’t afraid of hard work. You are also trying to create a great work environment for your agents. How are you going to grow and what benefits are you going to offer your agents in order to be successful in order for you to scale your business and create opportunity for your sponsored agents? There are a lot of questions

 1. Are you going to provide leads Will you pay for the agent’s CRM

 2. are you still going to sell real estate, if you are who is going to help you grow your business

 3. Who is going to keep the books?

 4. Do I need to get a commercial lease?

 5. How can I get myself out of the business? If you can’t leave your business, then your business isn’t a business

 Let me propose one possible solution. Brokers like you by the thousands have fused their brands and teams with a very unique company. eXp Realty is the name and there is a good chance that you’ve heard of it by now but not given a look at what’s the offering is because let’s face it, affiliation with a different broker or becoming part of another franchise would be a step backwards or at least a lateral shift and not what we are trying to accomplish, am I right? Contrary to what you might think, this is a very agent focused organization and it is the exact reason that Glenn Sanford, our founder started on the journey. His path was exactly the same as some of yours. He was a superstar agent with one of the largest franchises who felt that his contribution wasn’t rewarded to his expectations. He became an independent broker, got commercial leases and the whole thing, his team leaders and agents with the franchise followed him just as the 2008 meltdown was coming together. Then what happened will be talked about for a long time. . Instead of bankruptcy, they innovated and birthed the cloud based model that has continued to grow exponentially. The current model contains some things that you may want to pay attention to. The net result to you is exactly what you are trying to do with your independent brokerage. If I’m not wrong, they include: Create a competitive offering to your sponsored agents with benefits and training. Grow your personal brand/business Scale the business Get an override on your agent’s production to provide revenue for you and the business Create a competitive offering for your agents Success tools – offer your team one of the most innovative success tools in the industry – KVCore a seamless integration of websites and CRM (lead management) Training – over 50 hours of live training on any subject within our industry A path to residual income Offer an insurance plan that is more affordable than what is on the open market Grow your personal brand/business Instead of a one tier override system that the existing paradigm uses, utilize the 7 tier override system that allows you to grow beyond your region nationally and internationally Scale the business – release yourself from the burden of hiring staff and purchasing the digital products needed to manage your operation. For $85 per month you receive a fully staffed backend. Any entrepreneur would say that it’s a no-brainer. Get an override on your agent’s production to provide revenue for you and the business. If you are running a team, which is what some independent brokerages are and you get a direct override from the leads or referrals you provide, eXp has structured various team arrangements that allow latitude within your specific needs. Official US Team structure offering (pdf): US Team Structure DocumentationInman News article about Revelation Realty: Revelation Realty digital chat with me: meeting link better than a real estate

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