In this video, hard facts prove that Zillow Zestimates are not accurate with a simple single family home in a well defined subdivision. In 2019, one million dollars was awarded to a multi-national team to create an algorithm to increase Zillow’s accuracy. Zillow syndicates information and uses their technology along with other public records from various municipalities to form Zestimates. The facts from an actual sale in my area that was over $40,000 less than the value put on it by Zillow. I have real data to prove the point. I will give Zillow credit, they quickly adjusted the value with the actual value which means that they may get more accurate as time goes on. If you’d like a free RPR (Realtor Property Report), put your name and email and I will get you a report with valuable property and demographic data with no further obligation.


Hi Everyone! Here are a few tips on managing your liability in a residential real estate transaction: 1. Read the contract 2. Be transparent 3. Stick to the facts 4. Offload liability 5. Purchase additional insurance. LMK if I can be of service

What does it mean to have an agent? At the very least, be aware of who’s interests are being represented when you view a property or market a listing through an agent or on your own. This is a clearly defined concept that is not always explained. If you enter into an “agency” relationship your agent owes you: Obedience Loyalty Disclosure Confidentiality Accounting Reasonable Care in their duties It is very important to understand who is representing who with regard to a real estate transaction. Marcus Simplified Home Sales Get your money’s worth!