9 Best Tips How to ask for real estate referrals.

How to ask for real estate referrals

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Get diving into the real estate business is not an easy task for everyone unless one has got an experience in this niche. Working in the real estate business as an agent is a unique area of study and sales.

In contrast to other sales positions, you can work and spend valuable time like weeks or years with the same client. This way, you can help your customers find a perfect family home or a business site that can become their business point one day.

So when the time comes to get referrals for real estate, it can be overwhelming. The last step is to persuade your client to come to you for the deal by changing them from confidante to pushy salesperson.

So this article will direct you on how to ask for real estate referrals; in detail, keep reading the article.

How to Ask For Referrals for Real Estate Business

There is no hard and fast rule or art for asking for real estate referrals. The top agents have mastered it if you want to get the leads in the real estate business. You have to be skilled and master this skill in your way.

Let’s look at the essential tips to get referrals in real estate without being confused.  

1- Be Unique And Exceptional

The most important tip to getting real estate referrals is to offer your customers unique services. This will be helpful and rings to the real estate business and other businesses. This is the most critical and powerful suggestion that your real estate services should be impeccable.

Moreover, the buyers and sellers are passionate about getting advice from skilled and professional real estate agents who can guide them in the best possible way to help them to find their dream house.

So be that agent to boost your chances of getting testimonials and referrals from your customers,

How to ask for real estate referrals

2- Find Your Niche

Most people think that niche marketing doesn’t work.

What do you think is right, especially for the real estate business?

When you establish yourself in some respective niche and as an authority in a specific area, it will be easy for you to grow the leads. You can quickly get real estate referrals when you direct your marketing efforts to brand yourself as an agent in a particular area.

3- Be Friendly And Authentic

In typical cases, the home purchasers are not searching for someone good and skilled at selling real estate properties. They are also passionate about getting the authentic human connection in their deals.

So let your true and pure colors shine and be cleared through your interactions with your customers. If you are good with information and data, go ahead and showcase that, while if you are humorous, don’t be scared to speak further.

Therefore, by being an authentic agent, the referrals will come your way.

4- Be Active On The Social Media Platforms

Developing and establishing online activeness on social media platforms is a critical marketing technique. A pure offline market can still be a good tool but if you want to grow your real estate business, going online is the best option.

Nowadays, in the age of technology and advancement, there are many ways to build your goodwill by being present on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It all depends on how your brand grows your business and who is your target audience.

Once you get active on the social media platforms, the real estate referrals will be on your way quickly because the purchasers and sellers love to share their experiences with their friends and families.

5- Use Thank You Referral Cards

One of the most effective ways to ask for referrals is to use referral cards to ensure your customers. It is also an effective way to recommend your real estate services proactively and often.

You can post your referral cards or give them by hand to your clients and send them on-site or after your way to close the deal.

6- Stay In Touch

Clients will like to give referrals about you if you are in connection with them. This can be the same as advertising your business and sending the cards to your previous clients as a part of your weekend holiday routine. The clients with whom you are in touch will remember you and your services when they are asked for a referral from their friends or family.

In this way, if you may not be in direct contact with your clients but with the source of social media platform advertisements, information and phone numbers, you can directly ask for referrals.

7- Create Valuable Content

Most people do not want to proceed with the same agent again and again. While referring to your real estate business, if you want to be the first one your previous client thinks of, you should keep yourself engaged with them even after closing the deal.

The best way to get this complete is by creating a newsletter or setting up the website’s blog content. In this way, you can send them even insights and provide updates on the real estate business.

8- Use a Script

To ask for referrals in the real estate business is not as cold as it sounds. It shouldn’t be like that. So use a script to get the referral in a sweet, short, personalized, friendly tone; it also sounds to fit into the conversation quickly and should also be natural.

Practicing and using a short line to ask your question will give you a comfortable and confident feel to send the message to your clients.

9- Create Time and Space

Sometimes in the middle of the game of showings and closings, it is easy to lose the element of time and space, and you might miss some small type of tasks you may want to get.

So, just because you do not have an email and phone option, you can lose your chance to ask for referrals for your real estate business.

Therefore, to ask for referrals from your clients, there are two great ways to make time and space after being closed. Both ways have to offer your real estate clients an additional value, which can offer them a more attractive offer to refer you.

The first way is to throw your customer an appreciation party and use this as an n excuse to follow those clients to whom you missed the chance to ask for a referral. 

Essential Tips for Asking For Real Estate Referrals

Tips How to ask for real estate referrals

The answer is straightforward if you are surprised about how to ask for real estate referrals for customers. You have to ask. Once you ask for your due diligence and offer your best service to your clients, you can request a referral.

Reward Your Customers

To ask for referrals, you do not have to offer incentives to motivate people, but they can also evoke the element of professionalism. So it will be good to offer them something in return.

Be Direct

If anything what most people appreciate more than honesty is politeness. It would help if you were direct and polite while asking and explaining why referrals are necessary for the real estate business. Your request and asking for referrals will always create professionalism and confidence.

Offer Them A Way Out

Nowadays, nobody likes to get pressurized in any business. So it will be better to ease your clients by clarifying that there is no pressure to offer referrals they don’t want to.

Express Gratitude

The gratitude and happiness will go without being said, as a humble and warm attitude toward your clients will speak and show off for itself.

Ask On Social Media

A great way to create more leads and ask your customers is by using social media platforms, as it is another pot of gold.

Use Quotes

The real estate referral quotes to let your customers know about the lookout

For recommendations are a great tool. The real estate quotes for referrals can be uploaded on social media posts and can be added to your business platforms.

Frequently asked questions

How do you ask for referrals politely?

To politely ask for referrals, you must be direct and ask your customers through email. Online and in person or at the bottom of your invoices

How do you ask for a referral without asking?

Do not ask for referrals. Your customers should want to get them and give lots of referrals. Focus on the new customers and know about the referral and lead.

How do you ask for a referral fee?

If you want to ask for a referral fee put in writing to have a piece of evidence. For this purpose, a one-page agreement works best; state the reasons, rate, and terms.


So to wrap up, how to ask for real estate referrals, reviews and referrals can be a great tool to improve and generate new leads and your presence on social media.

You can get dived into the real estate business with the marketing techniques discussed above by practicing and following the referral requests in the mirror until the words come out naturally.

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