How to find out who owns a property in North Carolina?

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How to find out who owns a property in North Carolina?

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Looking up owners of property

Use real estate records to find out who owns a piece of property in North Carolina. can benefit you as a buyer or investor. County websites are one of the main resources to find out who owns a property. The common practice uses the street address or geospatial data to identify land parcels you desire. Your ability to locate and speak to people determines your success in the adjacent industries that need to look up property owners.

How to find owners of property

The current digital world has many possibilities to find owners. North Carolina counties task government offices to store tax roles and land records. Departments tasked with storing these records are called the county clerk, county register, county tax office, land records, or deeds office. These land documents are largely public and freely listed on the city or county website.

Tax maps are another way to find the owner of a property. A search on the address can yield information that will ultimately lead you to the taxpayer/owner(s). Much of the information can be found for little or no money as online tax maps are commonplace. Work hard and be creative to achieve the desired results.

Modern websites use local geospatial data to identify a property on a tax map. Real estate records are very easy to access compared to years past. County government offices are in the business of making money. Easily identifying real estate records helps them collect taxes and also makes their departments more efficient and cost effective. The tax value of a property and the tax map number are often listed on the record.

You may need to visit the county records department and open a deed book to access a physical copy if the county doesn’t offer digital records. You can usually search a database inside the records office to find the page number of the subject property.

Once you have identified the name of the owner, you will probably want to speak with them in some way. The tax role will have a mailing address for the owner that can be the address that you are looking for or another address that the tax bill is being sent to. This could be a P.O. Box that is not associated with the physical address where the owner lives at. The result that you are seeking is to identify a physical address to that you can send a letter, a digital address, or a message. You can also use a phone number to directly call the owner. 

Be sure to review that you review the national “do not call” list and follow the laws that concern solicitation by telephone. The last thing you want is to invite more problems by breaking the rules

How to find who owns a property

Remember that people have been giving their personal data to social platforms like Facebook for decades now. Personal data may be a few keystrokes away. Once you have the name of an owner, you can use free resources like Search for their phone number and you may find it.

Unfortunately, people also die. Death records are often published to notify friends and relatives. Death records serve a social function as well as notification of family and friends. You can find relatives of the deceased by reading these publications.  

When you find an owner, you have to remember to use your manners and realize that the owner may not want to be contacted. There is no guarantee that the person will want to speak to you when you contact them. Cushioning your call could really go a long way in creating rapport. In fact, you may just want to say that you are looking for property in the area. You can explain that you saw that they owned property in the area. If they are receptive, ask if they know anyone that is interested in selling. It’s a little annoying to get someone on the phone who asks for what they want right away. There is such a thing as a bedside manner with telephone calls. 

If the search for an owner comes up short, you can contact the adjacent property owners. Ask them for information that might help your efforts. If digital means don’t work, then you may want to go to the area and speak to people directly. Property owners or residents might speak with you in person. 

How to find the owner of a property

To sum up, the efforts that can aid your efforts in identifying owners in North Carolina:

  • 1. Use the tax roles
  • 2. Use free digital tools that are available to you.
  • 3. Use digital messaging and phone calls to contact the owner or adjacent property owners
  • 4. Go to the address of the taxpayer if other efforts are not fruitful
  • 5. Use tactful words and respect the individuals on the other side of the conversation. 

How to find a property owner in North Carolina?

You can enlist the services of national data providers such as Property Shark or Prop Stream. If you are not interested in searching records in bulk or as a part of your career duties then many records are public and can be obtained from a county website or a site visit to the location where the records are available. 

How to find a deed in North Carolina?

Owner information is more easily accessible than a deed. To obtain a deed you may need to contact a title company or real estate, attorney. If you would like to research yourself, these records are public and could be obtained with a visit to the courthouse. 

How to search property records in North Carolina?

Researching the tax roles is the best first step in searching property records in North Carolina.

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