5 Best Questions to ask during a home inspection

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Questions to ask during a home inspection

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A general home inspector has training in available construction methods. This person should be unbiased, appropriately trained, and licensed by the state where the subject property is. There may also be other licensing bodies or designations. Inspectors advise you about the general condition of the home they inspect. Inspectors inspect homes you are considering purchasing. There are different types of inspectors in the residential home space. They can include (but aren’t limited to) HVAC, plumbing that includes underground video pipes, and electrical and structural engineering. I am a big proponent of adequately inspecting a property. The potential buyer pays the fee for the inspections. Sellers can also purchase pre-listing assessments to enter a listing with an idea of what could appear on a report. 

Inspecting a property is a vital function of purchasing a property because they are one of the only defenses against getting a house full of problems and future expenses. An inspection or due diligence period is the time contractually agreed upon for a potential buyer to do inspections of their choosing. If you are a potential buyer, consider this period an investment to avoid future problems and spend the money on a professional. 

Questions to ask a home inspector

Since an inspection is so important, you should ask good questions before you hire an inspector. I think that Google reviews are an important place to start. Reviews typically include people with an ax to grind. Because of this, I have to discount bad reviews if there aren’t too many. If there are overwhelming bad reviews, I have to consider this as having some merit. Ask your inspector what their qualifications and experience are. Maybe you will place the order with the front desk, so go the extra step and ask for a preliminary phone call with the inspector if you feel it is warranted and you are unsure of their qualifications. 

Real estate agents are usually full of referrals. They are in the business of using inspectors regularly. Referrals from agents are generally good. Regardless of the inspector, plan questions to ask during the home inspection.

Questions to ask during a home inspection

Another question is whether an inspector can provide you with the general costs for labor for any defects that become apparent. Inspectors MUST be impartial, yet I had an excellent inspector that I used for years. An excellent service they offered was a general repair guide with prevailing wages and materials at the inspection time. 

Information that a general inspector will provide is technical, and the inspection is an outstanding value, provided you choose the correct personnel. 

What to ask home inspector(s)

1. What Is The Condition Of The Roof?

  • Are there missing shingles?
  • Do you have an opinion on the remaining life of the roof?
  • Can you comment on the materials used in the construction?
  • Was the roof installed correctly?
  • Are there hazardous materials used on the roof

2. What is the general condition of the HVAC system

  • Are the temperature differentials consistent with a healthy approach?
  • Are there any unsafe conditions with the electric connections or contact with the adjacent materials?
  • What is the remaining life expectancy of the systems?

3. Windows and insulation

  • Are there any deficiencies or inefficiencies with the wall, door, window, or attic insulation?
  • Do you have any recommendations for improving the house’s insulation in general?

4. Mold Testing

  • This subject deserves its section; you must now decide if extensive mold testing is in your best interests. Would this yield results that you are interested in knowing for the safety of your home?
  • Some types of mold are hazardous, and, very importantly, if the dangerous mold exists, would it impact family members who are young or immunosuppressed or have immune systems problems like those undergoing chemotherapy? 
Questions to ask during a home inspection

5. Are there any indicators for the need to hire additional inspections?

  • Being onsite is essential. Take time off and consider your time as an investment in your future house.
  • Ask your inspector if there are any indicators for the need to hire additional specialized inspectors to investigate issues that look suspicious.
  • Your agent should ensure all utilities are on, but it is a good idea to verify that they are on. 

Managing the inspections is one of the most important things you and your team can do when purchasing a home. You and your agent should plan what to ask the home inspector during an inspection. Your job is to understand the material conditions of your purchase to avoid a potential error in buying the subject house. You will also prevent potential system failures or get credit for them at the sale.

Suppose you determine deficiencies that you, as a layman, couldn’t have known. In that case, you can ask for remedies in the form of a monetary concession or actual remedies such as repairs to the deficiencies. Negotiating the amount of money to request can be calculated using the guide some inspectors provide. I explained this earlier in the article.  

Choosing the right inspectors, crafting excellent home inspection questions, and attending the inspections are your most significant leverage points when purchasing a home.

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