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There are many choices for conducting your sales business but professionals are increasingly choosing eXp Realty

I joined eXp in 2018 because it seemed obvious that the company was revolutionary. However, I have been known to leap before I look. There has been much said about eXp Realty and it has had many detractors. 

Some of my colleagues have came and left because they found a reason for eXp not to work for them. Perhaps it was the virtual nature of the culture, the compliance requirements for real contracts, our growing pains over the last 5 or 6 years, or something else that wouldn’t allow them to continue. 

Even though some have left, the overwhelming facts are that professional real estate salespeople are choosing eXp Realty in increasing numbers. The scaleability of the model, the precise accounting, the health insurance, the leadership, and the transparency has caused a real estate company to become a movement. eXp Realty might be the first company that truly recognizes the salesperson’s value to the organization AND compensates them for it in a meaningful way. 

 When I share the opportunity, there is often resistance. I believe it is because of confirmation bias (I’ve made my choice, therefore it’s the right choice) or because someone has previously gushed facts on them like a zealot.  It happens. 

This post is to share the success and wisdom of others in the hope that others’ stories might bring insight. 

Additional company information can be found HERE

We will also honor your cap if you have already capped at your current company. HERE is the documentation. 

Rich Tomasini

Sell, save. Sell, save. Don’t sell, don’t save. Sell a ton, spend a ton. This is the retirement package for brokers. Now go do this without healthcare, without proper training and time management. Realtors are the only group of people that have their picture on their business cards because they want you to remember what they looked like 5 years ago. Where you sell makes a difference in three key areas: 1. What can’t you do at your brokerage? 2. Do you have an equity stake? 3. Have they designed an exit strategy for you to learn and implement? If you have reached our ICON status of selling homes @ eXp, which is about 3.5 percent of our agents currently, you’ve been gifted all of your commissions back in stock. For five years, that’s a HALF OF MILLION dollars sitting in your eXp stock account! If you go back 10 years, it’s MILLIONS of dollars of awarded stock for performance and no cost to you. Why are the top producers in the country coming here hourly? This is one of 100 reasons along with how our team expands with ease and fluidity.

I sold real estate for 23 years and I can sell my trophies (for being at or near the top) and buy a bottle of hair color with the proceeds. The stock EXP gifted my wife and I in the last five years is going to pay for our new house we are building in Greenville SC. The fact that we can even relocate is another grace given by our model as our business is no longer limited to geography. Jenny Pippin helped us design our home for the second time in a row, Jim Girard guided us as our agent; no bank needed as we get paid at our brokerage far more fairly than you get paid at yours for equal efforts. These are things we know now so the choice to hear them is totally yours. People like us are doing things like this because of who we are in business with. EP We are home all the time and want to live in something where we can set an environment that feels good and has space to chase some hobbies indoors. Comment below with what EXP has afforded you outside of the most precious resource there is; TIME

Tomorrow marks 5 years with eXp Realty. I went from receiving commissions on five transactions a month to 1100 per month. With this new bandwidth, my hours went down if that doesn’t make you scratch your head. Now we train agents on how to increase production, restructure their business, eXpand their regions, and develop as leaders for free and for life. We concurrently show them how to recapture their life back and how to build a business you can exit down the road; unpopular stuff . This story is now a living story experienced by so many of my partners, especially here in Charlotte NC! So proud to be a part of a company that continues to set record growth consistently. Another record quarter was reported today. Over $2 Billion closed in Canopy MLS (Greater Charlotte area) by our eXp agents at the halfway mark. Franchises are just more hands in the pockets and more imaginary lines that prevent opportunity; you shouldn’t incur brain damage to expand your teams/orgs. At eXp the agents are shareholders and they are tired of not benefiting from decades of output. This is our time. The numbers keep supporting the opposite of the spin rooms spun by our competitors. We sold more homes than anyone and by a wide margin. It’s 2022, the brand is you. Power it with the most insane tech stack ever created. The big players are here despite a few sideline critics. Nobody dominates the market like the best agents and the best agents have moved into an equity stake in their brokerage. Period.

charlotte mls data
  • In 2021, the Incorvaia Team totaled $219 million in closed sales on 731 transactions.
  • Through August 2022, have closed $138 million in volume.
  • Sylvia is a classic car aficionado. She still has one classic car left, a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible. It’s “Matador Red.”
  • Mike Jr. has been a featured agent twice on HGTV’s hit television series “House Hunters.” 
  • The Incorvaias have been named to the WSJ Top 1,000 The Thousand
  • They are No. 2 in Ohio for volume; No. 4 for total units sold in Ohio
  • The Incorvaia Team has sold nearly 1,000 homes since 2005 in Strongsville, Ohio.
  • Grew teams of 250 agents
  • Own the website
  • Give seminars for people who want to downsize via 

That’s why the move to eXp is fine. Our agents know they are going into appointments with the Incorvaia name and the company name is secondary.

You’re the brand. The Incorvaia Team is the brand. The agents are the brand especially now with social media. It doesn’t matter who you’re with.

Ige Johnson

I was in a mastermind with my friend Terrence Murphy and when he made the move (to eXp), it piqued my interest. I watched him. Then, I saw it and understood the model, and I couldn’t unsee the life-changing opportunity.

I believe that eXp is the company that will take me – and my team – to the next level. With eXp’s global reach, innovative technology, and values-based culture, I’m confident that we’ll be able to achieve our goals and make a real impact in the industry and beyond

  • Production in 2021: $93,625,586 closed sales on 397 units. 
  • Production for the past 12 months: $46,794,704 closed sales on 243 units.
  • Inman Innovator of the Year Finalist in 2022
  • Member of RE/MAX Hall of Fame for earning more than $1 million in commissions during the course of her career.
  • RE/MAX broker-owner of the Year, 2020 
  • RE/MAX Awards: Platinum Club Team 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021
  • RE/MAX Top 500 in the State of Texas 2017-2022
  • RE/MAX of Texas Rookie Franchise Office of the Year, 2016
Lawson Team

David realized it was his name and his team’s hard work and dedication that generated the business – and not the brokerage (Engel & Völkers) – he was ready to part ways and make sure the hard-earned commission dollars did not float away so easily.

  • Production for the past 12 months: $296,113,605 closed sales on 204 units. 
  • No. 1 Team at Engel & Völkers North-America in GCI (2019 & 2021; No. 2 in 2020)
  • 515 5-Star Reviews on Zillow
  • Over 200 properties sold a year
  • Average sale price: $1.45 million
  • Exclusive real estate team on ABC-TV’s “Real Estate Essentials” Sunday show

I could be the Lawson Team at E&V or the Lawson Team at eXp, or I could be the Lawson Team at Banana Realty, and people would still hire us.

Jose Samano

Accolades, accomplishments & awards:

  • Two-time ICON Agent
  • RE/MAX Hall of Fame (2 years)
  • Zillow Flex Partner
  • Homelight Elite Partner
  • Six agents to 236 agents year to date
  • 13 transactions to 675 since being at eXp


What makes eXp special to you? 

“All of the brokers in California are amazing. Our agents, transaction coordinating team and management are so helpful with questions. We practically live in eXp World.” 

Is there a significant experience you can share since you joined eXp?

“The one experience I can say was significant was reaching out to (eXp World Holdings Founder, CEO and Chairman) Glenn Sanford and him actually hearing me out. I never thought I would talk to a billionaire; he was super down-to-earth and he took the time to say everything about him as a person and a leader.”


“One tip I can tell agents is to believe in themselves; it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. The more you overcome adversity, the more you realize that obstacles are an illusion.”

“I joined eXp in 2021 with the vision of collaborating with a massive movement. I loved the  technology aspect and the different ways to earn income from multiple streams. Once we joined eXp with the help of colleagues, our agent count exploded, and we were off to the races.   We have now closed 675 properties in the last 12 months, and our team is moving fast.”

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