What age can you start real estate? Complete Guide

What age you can start real estate

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If you’re looking to enter the world of real estate, you should know a few things. First and foremost, real estate is a people business. You’re not just dealing with properties, and you’re dealing with people’s homes. And that means that emotions will always be involved.

Secondly, real estate is constantly changing. What’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow, so you must be prepared to change with the times. Lastly, real estate is a lot of work. It’s not all glamorous open houses and extensive commission checks. There’s a lot of legwork involved, and you must be prepared to put in the hours.

 What age can you start real estate?

In general, however, you must be 18 years old to start real estate. Some 21-year-olds may also be able to get started, but it is generally advisable to wait a bit longer if you can.

This is because real estate can be a very complex and challenging industry, and it is often best to have a few more years of experience and maturity before getting started.

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, and some people can start earlier and be successful. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide when the time is right to get started in real estate.

What Age Should You Start Investing in Real Estate?

Some people may advocate for investing in real estate in your 20s, while others may say it’s better to wait until you’re older and have more financial stability.

Ultimately, it depends on your circumstances and financial goals. If you’re in your 20s and you’re thinking about investing in real estate, it’s essential to consider your long-term goals. Are you looking to invest for retirement? Or are you hoping to generate income from rental properties? Your answer to these questions will help you determine whether now is the right investment time.

 Are there any advantages to working as a real estate agent at a young age?

There are several advantages to starting a career in real estate at a young age.

  • First, you have the potential to earn an unlimited income. As a real estate agent, you are not limited by the number of hours you can work, which means that your earnings potential is essentially unlimited. This can be a great advantage if you are looking to earn a high income.
  • Additionally, starting your career in real estate at a young age can give you a head start on building your professional network. This can be highly beneficial as you progress in your career and help you find success more quickly.
  • Finally, starting a career in real estate at a young age can give you more time to build your knowledge and experience in the field.


How can a 19-year-old start doing real estate?

There are a few key things to consider if you’re a 19-year-old looking to get into the real estate game.

  • First, you’ll need to have significant capital on hand to make any meaningful investment.
  • Secondly, you’ll need to be prepared to work long hours and do your homework to succeed.

There are several ways to get started in real estate, but one of the most common is to find a fixer-upper and sell it for a profit or rent it out. This can be a great way to get started if you’re handy with tools and have some basic construction knowledge.

 How does one get started with real estate at 18 years of age?

A few requirements must be met to become a real estate agent.

  • Firstly, you must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Secondly, you must have legal US residency.
  • Lastly, you must complete your required pre-license education.

These requirements may vary slightly from state to state, but these are the general guidelines. If you meet the above requirements, you can begin becoming a licensed real estate agent.

The first step is to take a pre-license course, which will teach you the basics of real estate and prepare you for the licensing exam. Once you have completed the course, you will need to pass the licensing exam to become a licensed agent.

 What is the minimum age to become a real estate agent?

age can you start real estate

To become a real estate agent, one must be 18 or 19 years old, depending on the state in which they reside. The minimum age requirement exists to ensure that agents are mature enough to handle the complexities of the job.

Real estate agents must be able to navigate difficult situations and deeply understand the law to succeed. Without these skills, agents would be unable to advise their clients adequately, costing them a great deal of money. The minimum age requirement ensures that agents possess the skills necessary to excel in their field.

 How much does it cost to become a real estate agent?

To become a licensed real estate agent, you will need to complete several steps, which will require an investment of both time and money. The first step is to complete an accredited real estate course, typically costing around $2,000.

Once you have completed the course, you will need to pass the state real estate exam, allowing you to become a licensed agent. Once you are licensed, you will need to find a broker to work with, which will require another investment of time and money. However, once you have completed all these steps, you can start working as a real estate agent and earning an income.

 Frequently Asked Question


What is a real estate course?

The real estate course is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the property market and how to apply business techniques to this industry.

The course covers various topics, from the basics of property ownership and investment to more advanced concepts such as development and finance. The real estate course is an excellent choice for those looking to start a career in this exciting and ever-changing industry.

 Can you be a part time real estate agent?

It is possible to be a part-time real estate agent and still be a professional in the industry. This is because the real estate industry is based on commissions. Therefore, if you can sell a property, you can earn a commission on that sale.

The amount of the commission will depend on the property’s sale price. To be a successful part-time real estate agent, it is essential to be committed to the job and to have the proper training and support.

Several real estate platforms can provide you with the training and support you need to succeed. In addition, it is also essential to build a strong network of contacts.

 How much is the real estate exam in Florida?

The cost of the real estate exam in Florida is $36.75. This fee is set by the state of Florida and is required to take the exam. The exam cost may vary depending on the testing center’s location and the time of year, but the basic fee will remain the same.

 What if I fail the Florida real estate exam?

A few different scenarios could play out if you fail the Florida real estate exam. The first is that you will be required to re-enroll in the course. You must go through the entire course again to take the final exam.

The second scenario is that you may be able to retake the exam, but you will need to wait a certain amount of time before you are eligible to retake it. The third scenario is that you may not be able to retake the exam, and you will need to start the process all over again.

 What classes do I need to take to become a real estate agent?

To become a real estate agent, you must take several classes. General principles will give you a broad understanding of the real estate industry. The legal focus will provide you with the specific knowledge you need to comply with the law.

Finance law will give you an understanding of the financial aspects of the industry. Continuing education will keep you up to date with the latest changes in the industry.


So there you have it – everything you need to know about getting started in real estate at any age. While it’s true that the earlier you start, the more time you have to grow your portfolio and build up equity, it’s never too late to get started. The most important thing is to do your research, start small, and be patient. With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to a successful real estate career.

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