Real Estate by Design not Default

This site is dedicated to the pursuit of real estate goals by design rather than default. The phrase “if you don’t know where you are going, you will probably get there” comes to mind.

Real estate is such a huge topic that I won’t pretend to know everything but I hope to convey my experience through the information that I provide. Perhaps you will adopt the mindset of “real estate by design, not default”

As an asset class, real estate is quite unique.

  • You can live in it
  • You can invest in it.
  • You can also watch millions of videos on YouTube if you are into entertainment.
  • It is also possible to create a rewarding career in one of the many facets of this world.

My main point is that critical thinking and good decision making should be very important to the individuals involved in these types of important decisions.

The last component is a team of trusted advisors. They might include; financial advisors, attorneys, insurance agents, real estate agents, etc.

Assemble a team before you need them rather than go to the first person you come across and hope that they know their business. This is the philosophy behind “by design, not default”.

Design your real estate goals and create a team of competent advisors before you need them.

  • work directly with a Designated Project Management Professional  to plan and execute your real estate goals
  • Tap into an international network of real estate professionals
  • Join one of the fastest growing organizations in history to supercharge your career in real estate sales
  • Make a 30 minute appointment with me: click here

In 2004, Gary Keller published the book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” which was a bold and compelling title for his book. Almost 2 decades later, this book is considered to be the best book for real estate agents and the starting point for any agent looking to get serious

Reasons to price property correctly
If you have a need of selling a house or any piece of real estate, the biggest leverage point you can have is to price the property correctly. It is the best opportunity for success when selling (nice photos are a close second).

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real estate by design not default