How to find out who owns an LLC?

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How to find out who owns an LLC?

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Finding the owner of an LLC is an important function of businesses. Reasons for finding the owners of LLCs include commerce and sales. Understanding what an LLC is and why people use it is helpful. 

Legal Fiction

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies are a legal fiction. The law considers these legal entities as separate legal entities for lawful purposes. Think of this as another person or being.

The reason for creating an LLC is to separate LLC activities and money from a person’s personal affairs. LLCs offer protection from personal liability. Asset protection, anonymity, and some tax benefits are a few other reasons. In legal entities like LLCs, the administration divides the entity’s ownership. LLCs are one of the easiest ways to have a decent level of protection from liability. You can divide ownership of the entity as well. 

The ease of creation causes the creation of many unnecessary entities. You should find out if your business makes money. Test your business concept. Maintaining an LLC with your state and filing yearly tax returns are extra work. If your concept will make money or solve an issue, then create your LLC. You can create your entity and bank accounts if your business concept gets off the ground. You separate your business from your personal affairs when there are reasons to do so. 

When you do create your LLC, you must register the name with your state register. Many states file this name with your state’s Secretary of State. The public can access your filing online at the Secretary of State’s website. The ease depends on the individual state. 

How to find out who owns an LLC?

Who owns the property in an LLC?

Ownership of an LLC exists within the internal documents. Managers create the LLC documents and divide ownership among the members of the LLC. The state’s register of business entities includes the registered agent’s name. The agent’s mailing address is also included. Ownership is explained in the internal documents of the LLC.

How to find out who owns an LLC

Finding an owner of an LLC is sometimes exactly what the owners of the LLC do not want. One of the reasons for forming an LLC is for anonymity. Individual state guidelines determine if the members must list their names. The states that have the most anonymity are Delaware, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming. These states allow a further layer of anonymity by creating a “holding company.” A holding company allows other entities to exist within the holding company. 

The first place to start your search for the owners of an LLC is a state’s Secretary of State. If you are in a state where you can search for business filings, go to the SOS (secretary of state) website. If you find what you are looking for, your job is complete.

You may be able to access the actual documents of the LLC. Use the information that you find for further investigation. Search the internet for similar names. There is a good chance that extra information exists for you to use. While uncovering this information, you may feel like an investigator. Your tools include; the state’s websites and paid and free reverse directories. You can use this info for future site visits, phone calls, emails, and direct messages.

Public Records Request

You may need to file an official request for information. A scheduled appointment with the state office is necessary for some states. States may need some time to complete your request.

Alternative methods

If your official requests yield different results than you want, you should consider alternative methods to find the owners of an LLC. Many searches for LLC ownership surround the desire to find an owner of real property. One idea is to see where the tax bill address is. Reverse directories of addresses are easily accessible. There are free and paid versions of these directories. When you put the address where the tax bill goes, your search may offer additional information you can research further. 

Respect and Tact

You are seeking someone who wants anonymity. Remember to use your best manners. Be respectful when contacting a potential owner. Good manners may be the difference between success and failure. Embrace empathy when talking with people. Be upfront with your request; it is always the best policy. 

Finding owners of an LLC implies that you want something. Remember that owners and registered agents deserve your respect.

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